All About Mental Illness

All About Mental Illness

 This  is  a  serious medical  illness which  affect  around  20%  of  adult  people  every  year  or  any  other  mental  disorder. Anxiety  disorder  affects  around 14%  of  the adult  population  each  year  while  depression affects 6%  each  year.

The  remaining  percentage  are affected  by  other  disorder  like psychotic  diseases  like schizophrenia, substance  abuse, personality  disorder  and  other  conditions.
The  sufferer  cannot  overcome  the disorder  through  the  use  of  will  power and  the  disorder  has  not  been  by  anyway  found  related  to  the  persons  character  or  intelligence.  Even  thought the  illness  is  so  much  spread  in the  world  the  fact  is  the  serious illness  only  concentrates  on  a  very  small  group  of  people or  proportion of  6%.
The question  whether  mental  illness  runs at  a family  line, has  made  many  try and  trace  any  mental  illness  along  their  family. The  fact  is most  of  the  people  with  mental  illness  does  not  have  family  members  with the same.

For  most of  the  mental  disorders  that  have  been  discovered, they  have  no  link  at  all. For  others  like schizophrenia  and  bipolar  disorder some  predisposition  of  the  illness  may  be  passed  from  the  family.

According  to  the  report, 10% of  children and  adult in US suffer from emotional and mental  disorder  which  lead  to  functional  impairment. It  has  also   been  reported  four  of  the  ten highest  leading  causes  of  disability  in US  is  related  to  mental  illness.
Of  the  15%  of  the  people  seriously affected  by  mental  illness  dies  of  suicide compared  to an  approximate  value  of  1% of  the  entire  population. The  ongoing  treatment are  working  to  reduce the  risk  and case  of  suicide



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