We all know that organic food is much better than fast food or even food bought in the grocery shops. Sadly, organic food can be expensive sometimes and hard to find. So, what do we do when it looks like there is no solution? Actually, there is one. Window-farming is still a new and not so familiar type of gardening. It is cheap, effective, and can provide you with what you need. It is very easy to use as well. Basically, this system consists of two parts. Lower part where water reservoir is and soil where is the plant. A small pump is pumping water, which contains all nutrients needed for the plant, in the upper part of the system, where it drops on the plant. Water that wasn’t absorbed is going back in the reservoir and will be used again. The important thing is that you must put them in places where plants will have enough sunlight!

Window-farms can be used in apartment and in houses. Depending on a number of devices you use, you can produce fruit or vegetables for just you or the whole family. You can use window farms for flowers, but I don’t consider that useful! There are many different models on the market, so choose the one you want. All of them can be ordered online and the price is from $120 up to $400. The bigger systems are more expensive, but they have the same purpose. The good sides of this product are: it is easy to use, you will need to fill the reservoir with water only once a week and it will provide you real organic food!



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