Sensor chip can be used for better prostate cancer diagnosis

Sensor chip can be used for better prostate cancer diagnosis

 The most deadly cancer for men is prostate cancer. However, current methods for diagnosis rely on antibodies. The problem is in their reliability. They are not very reliable. The solution may be a new sensor chip. According to a study, conducted by the researchers from the University of Birmingham, a new technology can be used. They will reduce the number of false diagnoses. 

Prof. Paula Mendes said that this technology will be more accurate than conventional methods for diagnosis. Also, it can be stored and used when a doctor needs it. Also, it can be recycled. 

According to the ACS (American Cancer Society) prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in men from the United States. 1 in 38 deaths are a result of this disease. During this year, they estimate that 220.800 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed. Current diagnostic methods include antibodies. However, these tests are expensive and they may be false-positive. 

According to the researchers, who developed the sensor chip, it will be much more accurate. It will identify the glycoprotein molecules (proteins bonded to carbohydrate chains). These molecules are responsible for many processes in the body. One of them is the immune response. Because of their role, these molecules are used as biomarkers for diseases. Old diagnosis techniques rely on the protein of the molecule. The problem is that they are not changed when a patient has a disease. The sensor chip should solve this problem.
Researchers and experts say that this discovery may be crucial in prostate cancer diagnosis. It will be more accurate and cheaper. 



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