How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking

Each day a lot of people smoke cigarettes. But have you ever wondered why do they smoke cigarettes? All of us know that smoking cigarettes is very bad for health and this fact cannot be denied. Then why do so many people smoke cigarettes? Most of the people smoke without having any significant reason behind it. Smoking is actually very bad for the health but we need to know then what is the reason which makes people smoke.


First of all we should try to find out about the reason as to why people start smoking? People start smoking generally during their teens. They opt for smoking because of various reasons. The main reason is that smoking is a very new and untried thing for them. Thus, they find it to be very adventurous especially at this age. For the very first time, smoking can be quite thrilling.

It often happens that when someone tries smoking, he does it with his friends who also try it along with him. Thus, it becomes kind of a club which tries smoking for the first time. The youngsters see adults fagging cigarettes which in turn inspire them also to try smoking. Some people also feel that smoking gives them a sense of being mature.  It gives them a feeling that they have made a great decision of their life. Some people opt for smoking when they are going through the bad phase of life. So to come out of depression they choose smoking.



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