How Does Sunscreen Help You From Skin Tanning and UV Rays?

How Does Sunscreen Help You From Skin Tanning and UV Rays?

Spending time under the sun on a warm winter afternoon sounds like an exciting idea. However, it also results in skin tanning. Skin tanning is not quite detrimental to health, but it can affect your appearance. Also, it is not really the skin tanning you should be worried about while you are whiling away the time in the open under the sun. It is the exposure to the Ultraviolet rays that you should be bothered about. UV rays can have some really harmful effects on your body. But sunscreen can help prevent it. 

So how do sunscreens actually work? Well, it is a simple science. These creams add a layer over your skin which thwarts the UV rays and also prevents the tanning of the skin. The actual process involves absorption of the light rays and then converting them into heat energy. This heat energy is then quickly dispersed in the atmosphere, keeping you prevented from their harmful effects. 

So many types of sunscreens are available in the market that you might really get perplexed by the choices presented. Well, you can choose a sunscreen depending upon your skin type and how much protection you want from the sun rays. Buy the sunscreen based on is SPF rating. SPF stands for sunscreen protection factor and determines the amount of radiation blocked. The sunscreen designated as SPF 30 is capable of blocking up to 30 percent of radiations while the one rated as SPF 90 will keep up to 90 percent of the radiations away from you. The longer you plan to stay in the sun the higher the rating of the cream you should choose. 


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