How can Aromatherapy help to de-stress yourself

How can Aromatherapy help to de-stress yourself

Stress can be very destructive for our health. It makes our body resistant to various disease low and also makes it more vulnerable. In order to protect yourself from all kind of disease it is necessary to combat stress. Natasha Tuli, the Co-founder of a lifestyle brand said that by using aromatherapy, you can break your pattern of thinking and you can focus on making our body highly efficient in whatever you do. Aromatherapy makes use of plant oils and other essential oil that is required for both psychological and physical health if they are used properly. Generally, essential oils are very thick and effective. You can take a few drops of the essential oil on a wetted cotton ball and keep those balls in the living room or bedroom or office to feel the best aroma of the world in your room.

Essential oils that can help you to relieve stress

Some of the names of essential Oils are clary sage, Lavender, Lemon grass and many others.
•    Clary Sage is very useful for nervous system.
•    The Lavender oil is known for it's all round healing capacity. Its sweet fragrance has a very calming effect and it gives you clarity so that you can think properly.
•     Bergamot refreshed you by uplifting your mood instantaneously.
•     Lemon grass makes you more dynamic by giving you fresh energy. 
•    Orange is known for bringing peace of mind and happiness. 
•    YlangYlang helps you to get rid of some extreme feelings like anger, tension and irritation.


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