Depression is responsible for higher heart failure

Depression is responsible for higher heart failure

Patients who suffer from heart failure must be screened for depression. If a patient has a depression, counseling is required. According to a study, published by the European Society of Cardiology, found that those patients die within a year. Depression is just one of the factors, there are several of them actually. The main factor is the severity of the disease. After the study, many experts said that people who suffer from this disease must seek for help for prevention of depression.

The chief investigator in this study was Prof John Cleland. He works at the University of Hull and Imperial College London. According to him, heart failure is modern epidemic that affects on about 900.000 people, just in the UK. Scientists were focused on finding new surgeries, drugs and therapies. All of them are effective, but not enough.

Heart failure occurs when the heart muscle becomes too stiff or too weak. In these cases, the heart cannot pump blood! People who experienced this state, feel tired and short of breath. The aforementioned study included 96 patients. All of them suffered from heart failure. Scientists asked them several questions that should reveal their mental state. All patients who showed signs of moderate or severe depression died in the next 300 days. 

Although, this discovery is important, scientists said that they must conduct bigger studies. Maybe depression isn’t directly linked to higher death rate. Some patients who suffered from depression didn’t have the motivation to take pills. Now, experts are saying that all people who suffer from heart disease, should be treated for their psychological and physical symptoms.



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