Air Conditioning can kill you

Air Conditioning can kill you

When it’s hot outside, if you don’t have air conditioning, you will probably feel the heat and the humidity inside. And then the next step is to buy something that will keep your space cool and nice.
We completely agree with you in case you want to buy an air conditioning, but you need to be careful, especially men, because if you don’t clean it when you’re supposed to, you can get really sick.
Irregular maintenance may lead to unpleasant smell and not good quality of the air you breathe, in a room where you keep air conditioning. This appliance is perfect place for development and reproduction of different bacteria, mold and infections.
Then if we don’t clean it often, we breathe them, which may lead to certain diseases, chronic ones and you can even get legionella disease which is a form of pneumonia.
This disease can be deadly if not treated well, and we get it because we inhale the air from that device.
That’s why a lot of people think that air conditioning is very dangerous, especially if you don’t clean it every once in a while, but this bacteria is not only present in this appliance. You can find it in the swimming pools, fountain and other similar places.
In case you get legionella, you will have really high body temperature, above 40 degrees, you will have dry but productive cough, you will feel the chest pain, headache and diarrhea.
Anyone can get this disease, kids rarely, and elderly people more often, especially if they have problems with kidneys, heart or lungs.




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