Do you have allergy with the mosquito’s killer spray, mats, Electric mosquito repellent and many other artificial products? 
Mosquitos is attracted towards the human just because of dark color, perfume, hair spray, cosmetics and due to natural body odors. A human skin can create approximately 350 different chemical odors and these smell is attracted by mosquitos. But what if you have allergy with artificial mosquito killer product then we have a natural treatment which can prevent you to mosquitos. 
A man ingredient which is being used in mosquito Killer products are called DEET. This DEET namely ingredient is the cause of many brain diseases like Cancer, Neurological Issue etc. That is why natural products have more value than artificial product. These chemical result are not good like Natural one and if you will compare it in term of cost then Natural product are cheap then Chemical Product. 
Many Way can save you from mosquito’s reach. 
Your Diet
There are several flower and plants like marigolds, ageratums and catnip, mint,citronella or lavender available in the market that repels mosquitos. 
You can also take some birds, pats and frog habitats which also helps you to get rid from mosquitos.
Some of essential oils / combination of oils (Basil, Citronella,Lemon, Pine Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil etc) ,nontoxic  and other natural product can also save you from mosquitoes and other biting and blood sucking insects. 
Note: Apply the oil after testing in some part of your skin. These oil can also create allergy in your skin. Also don’t use oil directly but dilute it with water , better yet , can also mix some of drops of coconut oil as a carrier because Coconut oil is good for skin. 



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