Magnetic Nanoparticles Can Dissolve Blood Clots

Magnetic Nanoparticles Can Dissolve Blood Clots

A blood clot is the leading cause of strokes and heart attacks across the globe. One of the ways of reducing the incidents and deaths that arise from this problem is by dissolving the blood clot and restoring normal blood flow in the affected vessels as quickly and as safely as possible.

A new study that was conducted by researchers from Mariinsky Hospital located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and ITMO University has revealed that it is possible to do so by using magnetic nanoparticles. These particles have the ability to deliver clot-dissolving enzymes in the affected areas quickly, thereby reducing the deaths and detrimental complications that arise from blood clots.

In the report that was published on Scientific Reports websites, the researchers point out that the magnetically controlled enzyme based medications pose no danger to human health when administered into the body through intravenous injections. The report also revealed that these new era drugs have the ability to dissolve clots 4,000 times better than the conventional drugs used in hospitals.

The researchers are optimistic that their study findings will help shed light on how to develop better clot-dissolving drugs, reduce drug dosage, and curtail the many side effects that patients have to bear after administration of the drugs.

Whenever blood clots inside a vessel, normal blood flow to various organs in the body is hampered. This results in other health complications as the organs breaking down due to the lack of sufficient oxygen and nutrients to function.

In the report, the researchers also show how the new particles act on blood clots. Unlike the current drugs in the market, the magnetic nanoparticles do not leach out the enzymes and remains active for an extended period. It is also important to note that the materials used to make the new drugs comprises of components that have already been tested and found to be safe.


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