" Kill " the fat with green tea

" Kill " the fat with green tea

After you finish with reading this article you will wish to never-ever buy any diet " magical " pills because this natural remedy and fat burner will help you with your weight.

We are talking about green tea, and it is good not only for losing weight, but also will help you get rid of all toxins in your body, and you'll see that in a couple of days you will already feel much better.

This " potion " is getting more and more popular, all across the universe, and the good news for those who don't like tea, is that this one is really tasty, especially if you add some lemon in it.

Why is this so healthy? Well, the leaves from this tea have bioactive ferments, which will block the absorption of starch.

There is a simple diet if you decide to consume this tea. You should drink three to four cups of tea each day, and it will help you to lose your weight, and to speed up your metabolism.

Besides this, you also need to drink at least two liters of water, and we recommend you to drink two glasses of it, before each meal.

If you do this, you will not be hungry as usual because these glasses will " feed " you.

Try not to add sugar into your tea, but if you must, the healthier way is to add little bit of honey. It will improve the taste of it, and will control your need for more food.

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