Sleeping Disorders in Children

Sleeping Disorders in Children

Nowadays, sleeping disorders have become really common even among the toddlers and children. Studies relating to sleep disorders have indicated that there are different health issues that are responsible for this disorder but the main source of sleeping disorders is the lack of physical fitness.

The human body has not been designed to stay still and we need to indulge in various physical activities for the purpose of maintaining our health. A person who does not lead an active lifestyle exposes himself to the risk of various diseases and health problems. Children need to be especially careful in this regard as their body requires energy and if they don’t get the desired amount of physical activity then not only will their bodies become dull but they will also lose their confidence and self-esteem. They will also not feel exhausted and as a result they will face a difficulty in going to sleep. Studies conducted by various health institutions has indicated that children who spend 5 hours on a couch in front of a TV are more likely to suffer from sleeping disorders as compared to those who spend that time in various physical activities.Therefore you need to make sure that your child engages in various physical activities.

The ideal amount of physical activity is forty-two hours per week. So you need to make sure that there is a balance between school life and recreation and that your kid gets the desired amount physical activity throughout the week and not do all the running in just one day.



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