Breast cancer can change the bone structure

Breast cancer can change the bone structure

According to the latest study, breast cancer can change the bone structure, in order to spread there easier. Research of the University of Sheffield proved that tumors can ‘’fertilize’’ the bone in order to help themselves. This study also suggests that it is possible to protect bones from tumors interfere and stop the spreading of the cancer. Many experts say that this is a good discovery that can have a beneficial effect on patients who suffer from this type of cancer. 85% of breast cancers end up in the bones. At that time it is hard to treat and in many cases deadly.

Patients who have 2 tumors, have higher levels of the LOX, an enzyme, which is released into the bloodstream by the tumors. Our bones are broken down and rebuilt during our life. Scientists that conducted this study on mice, discovered that LOX is affecting on this process, making holes and lesions in the bones. Luckily, we can use a drug that will block LOX affect on the bones. 

Dr Alison Gartland said that it is important that we understand this. Now, we can block and prevent metastases in breast cancer. The primary cells (in the first cancer) are preparing the environment so tumors can spread in other places. LOX is preparing the environment for tumor growth in the bones.
These animal tests showed that certain drug for the osteoarthritis (bisphosphonates) can prevent the progress of the tumors. This drug also makes our bones stronger. This drug has been given to patients, but scientist believes that it will have even more benefits. This is one of the most important discovery in cancer field. We can even say that it is a game-changer.



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